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Produced by Walter Zooi
Recorded and Mixed by Walter Zooi at Zero Sum Recording
Additional Mixing by Jeff Peters at The Pie
Mastered by Adam Samuels
Cover Photo: Harry Gruyaert, Magnum Photos
Inside Photos: Laura Heffington
All songs written by Chris Hickey (work-fire songs, ASCAP)
except “Monkey” written by Joe Henry (True North Music,
Lemz Music, WB Music Corp., ASCAP)
©2014 Work-fire Recordings. All rights reserved.

1 let me just straighten up a few things
2 waltzing to clinging to you
3 maya's day off
4 hospital
5 same train
6 down the turmoil
7 eye
8 broken
9 monkey
10 toss up
11 grapes from a thorn
12 see
13 i could live
14 so little time

Chris Hickey: vocals, guitar
Walter Zooi: guitars, bass, trumpet, keyboard, zither, yayli tambor
Alison Chesley: cello (3,5,9,10)
Charlie Hickey: vocals (7)
Sally Dworsky: vocals (6,11,12,14)
Rachel Ware Zooi: vocals (11), bass (5)
Anne McCue: vocals (5, 13)
Jay Bellerose: drums (2, 4)
Chris Garcia: drums (6, 7, 11, 12)
Jennifer Condos: bass (2, 4)
Dylan McKenzie: guitar (4)
David Greiman: piano (6, 12)
Max Zooi: bass clarinet, soprano saxophone (11)
Matt Rubin: trumpet (3, 10, 11)
Eric Patterson: clarinet, tenor saxophone (3, 10, 11)
Bill Plake: tenor saxophone (3, 10, 11)
Noah Levine: spoken (8) from a dharma talk at
Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society in Los Angeles, CA


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