Frames of Mind, Boundaries of Time (1985) is available digitally on iTunes.

Frames of Mind, Boundaries of Time and Looking for Anything are on one CD (Sound Asleep Records). The CD is available on

Tracks: June Fifth, Faraway, Carol, Start Over Again, Not You, I Can't Wait to See You, Man of Principle, There Was a Time, Don't Just Say No, Real Life Dangers, Different Days

This is my first solo record. I painted the cover, oil on canvas - and I recorded it by myself on a Fostex X15 four-track cassette portastudio. It was mixed at Eldorado Recording Studio in Hollywood with engineer Tom Root. The LP was released jointly with my friend Scott Seskind's eponymous debut and we toured together. The two LPs were featured in CMJ (College Music Journal) and we got some college radio airplay. I have a nice memory of pulling into Lawrence, KS without a gig... we went straight to the radio station and played on the air and they set up a show for us that evening in a little cafe. A lot of people turned out (40) and we played without microphones and it was a good time.

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Mike Bennett's ( Top Albums of 1986:

1. The Pogues – Rum, Sodomy And The Lash
2. Beastie Boys – Licensed To Ill
3. The Minutemen – Three Way Tie (For Last)
4. Stan Ridgway – The Big Heat
5. Chris Hickey – Frames Of Mind, Boundaries Of Time

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Chris Hickey – Frames Of Mind, Boundaries Of Time: I had the pleasure of reviewing Hickey's most recent release in 2003... all three of his records deserve so much more attention. Hickey has a voice that cuts right down to the bone, simmering with intensity. His lyrics are either blunt and direct, or mysterious and poetic. And he constructs some of simplest and most enduring folk pop melodies I have ever heard.