Looking for Anything (1987) is available digitally on iTunes.

Frames of Mind, Boundaries of Time and Looking for Anything are on one CD (Sound Asleep Records).
The CD is available on cdbaby.com.

Tracks: Another War, Langston Hughes, Freedom, This is My Land, Not My Place, When I'm With You, The Reason, Dark, Cold Day, Not Our Son, Save My Life, Five Words, Contagious

This is my second LP - also recorded on the Fostex X15 4-Track Cassette Portastudio. The cover photo was taken by Hannes Flaschberger. I remember using those rub-on letters to make the the text on the sleeve. Again, I toured across the country... started with a show at a guitar shop in Boulder, CO with my old friend Scott Seskind and proceeded on by myself. I finished up on the east coast with gigs at Gerde's Folk City in NYC and Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey.


My Old Kentucky Blog (02/08/11):

Of all the musicians I’ve been introduced (and reintroduced) to via my scribbling here at MOKB, South Pasadena’s Chris Hickey is easily one of my favorites. A folk-rock Jim Jarmusch, this cat is a criminally under-appreciated artist, whether with band (Show of Hands, Uma), as hired gun (Joe Henry, Michael Penn, Indigo Girls) or as solo artist. And I have to believe there’s a parallel universe in which Hickey is in high demand as a Super Bowl halftime performer. What a droll and wonderful world that must be.

But there’s an outside chance that Hickey’s following may actually expand in the coming weeks, even without that Super Bowl tie-in. Thanks to perseverance and technology, his first two solo LPs (1987’s Looking For Anything and 1985’s Frames Of Mind, Boundaries Of Time) are available again. If you’re not hip to Hickey or his tremendous catalog, you really oughta check him out, starting with Looking for Anything’s Dark, Cold Day, which features lyrics lifted (with permission) from the poem In Memory of W.B. Yeats by W.H. Auden. The lesson here is clear. If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best.


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