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Razzmatazz (2009)

Tracks: Only Way Track , Kerouac, Down, The Heat The Light, Over And Over, Down A Long Haul, Shine, Soft Sell, Run, Salty Tears, Slow Me Down, Tell You They Know, A Man Is Rich, Places To Go, Nothing Is Real, What You Are

I wrote and recorded a song, each day, for about three weeks in March 2009. The result is "Razzmatazz" -- 16 songs, just vocal & guitar, recorded in my bedroom on a hand-held digital voice recorder.



Writing on Razzmatazz:

The record is simple, austere and real-as-hell. You feel as if Chris is right there singing to you. No budget, no studio, and pure musical connection. -Tape Op

It’s rare to hear an artist exposing his thoughts, observations, and himself, in such a simple and direct manner. This album has moved me more than any other I have heard this year, more than that I cannot say… - Shakenstir

Subversively and sublimely, he has managed to create songs that propel the listener to rethink ideas, reconsider past notions, and get moved in the process. The way Hickey creates songs as reckoning media can only be compared favorably to the work of the greatest living songwriters, such as Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Mark Eitzel, Sam Phillips, and Tom Waits. Like these other artists, Hickey doesn’t censor himself and restrict his output to positive, uplifting songs. He focuses on questions and on the meaning of existence. - Puddlegum

"Razzmatazz" is one of my favorite discs of the year and was one of the most pleasant suprises of 2009. - No Depression

Hickey is not one to waste a note or let any kind of studio noodling interfere with the force of his words. And increasingly throughout his career, he has devoted the power of his words not to the big idea but to the expansive poignancy of the small things. - Rambles

What puts his music over the top are his concise and revealing lyrics and his plaintive, matter-of-fact vocals... Hickey is a very special artist, who combines intellectual depth with emotional resonance and well-crafted music to accompany his lyrics. - Hablo Ennui

Tonight, I rescued what I reckon is a loose diamond from my Spam folder... Kerouac, an understated, tongue-twisting paean to the unwitting and ill-equipped face of the "Beat Generation... For his latest, Razzmatazz, Hickey summoned the muses of low-fi accidents and general providence, composing and recording 16 skeletal songs on a digital voice recorder in the comfort of his South Pasadena bedroom. - My Old Kentucky Blog

I strongly suggest getting into Hickey's music, for it is as beautiful, moving, and sad as a simple gift from your little brother on Christmas Day. - The Mad Ones

One highlight of Razzmatazz (among many) is Hickey’s tribute to Jack Kerouac. He says, “I’ve only recently discovered Kerouac and I agree with Allen Ginsberg when he said that Kerouac’s work is ‘The most sincere and holy writing I know of our age.’” Hickey does the man justice with “Kerouac”. - Owl and Bear

Songwriter Chris Hickey Goes On Kerouac-Inspired Writing Spree -- “It’s a satisfying thing,” says Hickey. “I think this is my favorite of my records because it’s a simple and true reflection of where I am… in my bedroom, faraway from the record business, and faraway from the art of complication.” - American Songwriter

Chris Hickey makes beautiful lyrically rich, wonderfully simple music. - Gonzo Shots

Hickey used nothing but his own voice and guitar, recording the entire album in a bedroom using a hand-held voice recorder. The effect is nothing short of haunting. - Shaking Like A Mountain

I've been waiting for Chris Hickey's new CD Razzmatazz to be released; it's here, and it's as wonderful and sly as his best work, both solo and w/ Show Of Hands. Chris is an underappreciated treasure, and "Kerouac" off the album is a lo-fi beauty. - The Recluse Show Blog

There is something extraordinarily appealing about the simplicity of these arrangements. - Music Induced Euphoria

Razzmatazz is a fascinating, entertaining, engrossing album that allows access to the unfiltered workings of a musician’s writing process. - Independent Clauses